Killymoon Living

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?

While most choose their furniture to blend subtly in with their décor theme, we at Killymoon like to be more daring with our furniture to really stand out and make a statement. All our pieces our conversation starts in themselves and sure to demand your guests attention.

hand made

Chaise Longue

Archer Chaise

This stunning chaise features a flowing design with scroll top arms at both ends.  The higher arm is available at either side upon request.

Ascot Chaise

Accent chairs are definitely much more than just an extra seat and with our Ascot Chaise, you can make a statement about you and your home.

Danielle Chaise

Our Danielle piece which doubles up as a storage solution is designed to fit perfectly at the foot of any bed.  The lid is also available buttoned, pleated or plain.

Elsa Chaise

An elegant chaise, the Elsa features an elaborate scrolled shape on the arm and the end feet, offset by modern block feet and studding.  The scroll arm is available left or right hand facing.

Helen Chaise

The ‘Helen’ has a traditional yet modern style with a scroll top arm and tapered back.  A simple yet elegant chaise.

Juliet Chaise

Modern, comfortable and stylish the Juliet is a two armed chaise with no back and is the perfect finishing touch to any room.

statement pieces

Marilyn Chaise

This stunning chaise and its flowing curved form can be decorated with a fabric and metallic trim in a colour of your choice. Oozing glamour, we think this piece would be perfect in a bedroom or hallway setting.

Emily Chaise

Delicate and compact, the Emily is a reimagined chaise design focused on bringing a contemporary feel to a traditional piece.