Blanket Boxes

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Your storage box doesn't have to be boring.

Our collection of blanket boxes and bed ends can be upholstered in your choice of fabric to tie in perfectly with your room décor. Finishing options are available to give your piece that little something extra.

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Blanket Boxes

Zara Bed End

The ‘Zara’ bed end is one of our newest creations and is ideally suited for the end of a bed.  The lid is available in either a plain or a buttoned finish.

Belle Blanket Box

The ‘Belle’ storage box is spacious and perfect for doubling up as a glamourous seating and storage solution.  The lid is available in either a plain or a buttoned finish.

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Amelia Bed End

The Amelia Bed End is a a practical yet stylish seating solution, perfect for the end of your bed. This beautiful piece can be made with bolsters to complete the look; it can also be made as an upholstered bench with stitched or buttoned detail. 

Killymoon Belle Blanket Box - no legs

Anne-Marie Storage Box

The Anne-Marie Storage Box is our most spacious design, perfect for adding some extra storage space to your room. With the lid available stitched, buttoned or plain; you can choose a beautiful fabric of your choice to complete this a stunning yet functional piece.

The Eden Bed End is a contemporary bed end seating design. Perfect for the modern home, this sleek design can be totally personalised to suit your home and decor.