Adaptable Design at Killymoon Bespoke Living

At Killymoon Bespoke Living, we spend a lot of time thinking about adaptable design in regards to furnishings. To us, it means that we can adjust our furnishings and interior elements in the creation stages, to accommodate changing needs, spaces or preferences.

This approach prioritizes flexibility, functionality and longevity, offering so many practical solutions for our ever evolving living and working environments.

In the world of furnishings, adaptable design has various forms.

Multifunctional furniture pieces, such as sofa beds, expandable dining tables, and storage ottomans, serve dual purposes and optimise the functionality of your living spaces. These adaptable furnishings can cater to a wide range of lifestyles, especially in compact living spaces, where versatility alongside home working is so important.

Another facet of adaptable design in furnishings involves modular and customisable systems.

Modular furniture allows you to reconfigure its various components to create different arrangements, adapting to suit varying spatial requirements.

This adaptability empowers you to personalise your home and respond to changing needs over time, promoting sustainability by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Moreover, adjustable ergonomic features are equally important especially as we age and our needs change.

Ashleigh Chair amended to suit a client

**You may notice something a little different about this Ashleigh Chair to the left – That’s because we made some amendments to the design for a client with specific needs. Additional back support, an upright position and firmer seat pad was required to help support this client. You can also see below an image of our usual Ashleigh chair to compare.

Original Ashleigh Chair

Hannah, our designer, says…

“Each of our handcrafted furnishings here are as unique as the homes and individuals they are made for. With tiny tweaks and changes made across many of our beautiful furnishings everyday just to suit you and your home, we are masters at creating products just for you.

With back problems and mobility issues being very common; we are well placed to be able to help create furniture which eases some of these issues.

Whilst we are not a healthcare furnishings company, we can adjust many of our beautiful designs to help you in everyday life.

Additional lumbar support, upright back positions and firmer seat cushions are just some of the changes we can make to help in the everyday lives of our clients.”

In the context of interior design, adaptable furnishings contribute to creating versatile, dynamic spaces that can effortlessly transition between different functions. For instance, room dividers and sliding partitions provide flexibility in open-plan layouts, allowing spaces to be reconfigured for privacy, collaboration, or larger gatherings.

Sustainability is another important component of adaptable design in furnishings. By investing in durable, timeless pieces that can adapt to changing lifestyles, individuals can reduce waste and consumption while enjoying long-lasting, functional designs.

As the boundaries between living, working and social spaces continue to blur, adaptable furniture design becomes increasingly relevant. 


Designers and manufacturers are exploring innovative materials and construction techniques that can be flexible whilst easily integrating into your ever evolving lifestyle dynamic.

In essence, adaptable design in furnishings offers an array of benefits, including efficient space utilisation, personalisation for those with mobility needs, sustainability, and adaptability to changing needs. By embracing this approach with us at 

Killymoon Bespoke Living, you can curate living and working environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also responsive, practical, and beautiful.

To chat with Hannah or Jane about all the options and ways in which we can help you adapt our products to suit your needs, please get in touch and let us guide you through the options.

Yet again, I hope you are finding my periodicals informative and helpful! Please don’t hesitate to send questions to me via DM on Facebook or Instagram with any thoughts you may have.

Daren Brassington-Brewer

Interior stylist and Killymoon Bespoke Living social media manager

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