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Worth curling up in

Is there anything better than getting home and sinking into a tub after a long day?

No, we don’t mean the bathtub, but rather a tub chair.

A design that originated more than 250 years ago, in France under Louis XV, the tub chair is having a bit of a renaissance.

Stories vary but it is thought that the chair, richly and lavishly upholstered, was created for the king to hold court from.

And while his subjects sat on far less comfortable chairs in the 18th century, you definitely don’t have to settle for second best when it comes to modern versions of the tub chair.

With its simple yet effective design that curves around your body as you sit in it, you can see how the tub name was coined from the American ‘tub’ or bath, only in the form of an armchair.

The traditional design of the tub chair has the arms at the same height as the back, and we’ve taken inspiration from tradition but given it a modern twist with our designs.

Our tub chairs are a versatile and stylish addition to any room, providing comfort primarily but also a touch of elegance.

In the living room, a tub chair can provide additional seating when guests arrive unexpectedly. A tub chair can complement your sofa and furnishings by being upholstered in the same fabric and add to the design. Or you could create an eye-catching accent piece by featuring the tub chair in contrasting fabric for a contemporary look.

You might not immediately think of it, but a tub chair is a great addition to the bedroom as well. Ideal for relaxing, they can complement the calming feel of your bedroom while giving you a great, relaxing spot to read or unwind.

Versatile in the extreme, consider using a tub chair in the bathroom. Placed in front of your vanity or by the original (bath) tub, they are a perfect place to sit while you fix your hair and makeup and get ready for the day ahead.

While the design of the tub chair has been around for hundreds of years, where and how you use it is constantly changing.

Updating and enhancing the design from its original purpose of serving only royalty has given us all a chance to update our homes and give them a contemporary seat that is definitely worth curling up in at the end of the day.

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