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Spend your nights in luxury

The bedroom is the one room in your home where you can be truly adventurous with your interior design.

You can really let your imagination run wild and as no one but you gets to see it; it can be as wild and luxurious as you are.

When you think of our dream bedroom, most of us imagine an opulent, luxurious boudoir, which feels truly indulgent. You want your bedroom to be a place of sanctuary, where comfort and style come together and you can truly escape from the busy outside world.

Our team has worked hard to hone our range of bedroom furniture to allow you to create a statement in your bedroom. Whether you choose to go all out with rich colours and patterns or prefer an all-white backdrop, a glamourous bedroom scheme doesn’t have to be something you fear.

Being brave with a dramatic theme doesn’t have to mean completely changing your current bedroom, it could be as simple as small hints of playfulness that can be quickly and easily incorporated into your room.

For example you could choose to focus on one feature that will up the ante and lift your room from lifeless to luxurious.

That feature could be your bed, which of course should be the most comforting piece of furniture in your home, but can also be a way to bring your simple master bedroom to life.

And for luxury, comfort and style, look no further than one of Killymoon Livings’ 2017 bestsellers the Lauren bedframe.

Killymoon Living Lauren BedframeWith its beautifully upholstered headboard it offers a feeling of richness and grandeur as well as the comfort you need to get a great night’s sleep.

And our traditional craftsmanship with a twist has proved popular in 2017 with many of our customers choosing to make a statement with their choice of a Lauren bedframe.

Featuring a modern, sleigh style design with a buttoned fabric headboard, the Lauren bedframe will become an instant focus in the bedroom and give you the drama you need in one easy step.

Playing with the colour and fabrics gives customers a chance to reflect their personality while also gaining a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.

From our work with artists and textile designers as well as our experience with traditional craftsmanship we’ve developed a range of frames that can help you easily create an elegant and bold look in your bedroom.

That elegance and boldness is reflected across our range of bedframes, which are designed with maximum comfort and style in mind.

We’ve created a range of frames that are stand-alone dramatic pieces that can work as a statement on their own, or can be incorporated into a scheme as a whole.

From the luxurious Lauren to the commanding Vivienne or the uniquely shaped Lilly, our custom-made bedframes give you the flexibility to be as dramatic and daring as your personality.

A great night’s sleep in the lap of luxury awaits you when you choose a Killymoon bedframe.



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