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How a bed frame can make a statement in your bedroom

The 2018/19 trend is to focus on a ‘statement piece’ that will make your bedroom stand out and when it comes to Killymoon Living, we want to help you make this happen!

Bedframes are set to be one of the defining trends of 2018. You can make your own statement in your bedroom if you branch out with a beautiful frame, neutral colour palettes, and the anticipated designs while adding you own twist to it.

What gives the bed that statement look is the design and texture that is used to show it off, most designers use bold patterns, lush fabrics, and unique silhouettes. Although on the other hand, certain bedframes make the room feel warm and cosy, creating a relaxing environment for the person to enjoy. It all depends on your style, adding bold and modern styles to a bedroom can work as long as it will compliment the rest of the décor.

You could amp up the luxury factor in your bedroom with velvet. The texture, shine, and three-dimensionality of this stunning fabric will add instant sparkle to a more traditional design. Another idea you could have to accentuate the look is to add a beautiful cushion or two. There are plenty of other ways to make a bedroom style statement without velvet. Intriguing lines and unique shapes, like the curves of our Lily winged headboard, naturally attract attention and add a distinctive feel to your room.

Going for a minimalist approach is another creative way to create a striking look in your bedroom. The clean simplicity of some bedframes is charismatic without being over-the-top. Keep the colour scheme relatively simple, and pair different shades of grey, black and white for a more elegant look. Accessorize with furniture finished with a high-gloss shine to enhance the sense of luxury.

At Killymoon Living we are dedicated to manufacturing exquisite bed frames, they are handmade in our workshop in Cookstown by our skilled upholsters who have years of experience in the industry. Our 20 year guarantee on all frames will ensure you can be confident in the quality of your new bedframe. Our traditional craftsmanship has already proven popular in 2018 as our Lauren bedframe became one of Killymoon Living’s bestsellers.

So why not choose a Killymoon Living Bedframe that will make your bedroom stand out – that one statement piece will bring so much class and comfort, luxury and style to your home!

Come visit us at our new showroom in Cookstown or on our website www.killymoonliving.com were you can view a selection of our bedframes.

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