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Bringing 2018 interiors trends into your home

2018 looks to be the year where we step away from technology and reconnect with each other and our homes.

And while technology will continue to play an important role in connecting and enabling our lives, interior designers and trend-setters are predicting that we will see a return to simplicity in our homes.

Of course, simplicity means different things to different people. So before you dive into making changes in your home, take the time to figure out what style suits your personality and lifestyle and then incorporate 2018’s trends into your schemes.


Pick a style

Does your home fit the modern style? With clean lines and crisp neutral colours this can be a bold choice for anyone who has accumulated a lot of furniture and objet over the years. Incorporating glass, steel and metals it is about giving a sense of simplicity and sleekness.

An alternative twist is the contemporary style which is altogether more fluid and sees a mix of styles that feature curved lines and can be interpreted in a number of ways.

Many modern homes now showcase a minimalist style which pares everything right back and streamlines interiors. A neutral colour palette combines with simple furniture and clutter is an absolute no-no.

Younger homeowners are taking inspiration once again from warehouses and lofts and going for a raw exposed industrial feel that features wood, exposed bricks and even pipework. This look isn’t for the faint hearted.

And just as we move away from our technology-driven lives, there is a harkening back to mid-century modern interiors that have a nostalgic feel. Taking inspiration from the 1950s the focus is on natural furniture that evokes the outdoors and is above all functional.

Interiors trends 2018

What trends should you be looking out for?

Creating a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle as well as staying on trend takes time.

This year looks set to be the year of colour. While grey will still be the neutral choice for many interiors, colour is set to be bolder. Be brave with colours, on both your walls and furniture and evoke moody interiors with violets, navy and emerald greens set to be key colours for 2018.

One way to incorporate the rich new shades is with indulgent velvet furniture pieces.

Furniture choices will feature more dark woods that showcase that nostalgic retro glamorous bygone era. Sophisticated and elegant, these dark wood pieces combined with feature lighting will create a warm, luxurious feel in any interior.

Texture is a big thing for 2018 with a focus on handmade furniture and mixing of materials and fibres to create a layered effect. Embrace and combine different textures to create interest by using furniture and textiles with embellishments, raw edges and different fabrics.

Handmade furniture is a great way to incorporate your design ideas your home and incorporate new styles and trends that feature your personality.

Interior Trends 2018

So how do you fit these ideas into your home?

Your living room space should be comfortable and texture can be added with the addition of a sofa or armchair that uses luxurious fabrics that are also hardwearing.

Bringing colour into the space can be done with a dramatic choice of fabrics, or if this seems too much for you then perhaps a splash of colour on a feature wall.

Kitchens and dining areas are often neglected spaces. But with a few simple steps you can quickly and easily improve their appearance. A luxurious appearance can be created with the addition of contemporary countertops in dark woods or marble.

And for a sense of sophistication why not invest in statement chairs that bring an element of luxury as well as immediately adding vibrancy?

The bedroom should be a sanctuary, a retreat from the noise and bustle of the world where you can feel at peace. This is the one room where the move away from technology can really start.

Focus on creating this retreat by paring back on furniture and clutter. A statement bed can be the focus of the room and will allow you to clearly define the area as one for relaxation and sleep.

Making your home on trend as well as place that fits your personality and lifestyle doesn’t have to involve radical change. The 2018 interiors trends should serve as a guide and allow you to make a start on updating your interiors.

The key is to make sure that you mix in your ideas and over the course of 2018 make sure to play with colour and styles, add interest with carefully chosen items furniture and of course feel free to change your mind and start all over again.

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