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Sit back and relax

Redesigning your living room is one of the easiest ways to lift your interiors and breathe life into tired designs.

As the living room is the time where your family probably spends most of their time, balancing comfort and style should be your priority when it comes to making a change.

Your living room also needs to be one of the most versatile rooms in your house, which presents challenges depending on what functions your room needs to serve.

For some the living room can be a formal space kept just for entertaining. While for others it is a casual room where we relax and rest after a long day of work and come together as a family to watch TV and simply kick back.

And when it comes to your living room, creating an elegant, casual or formal ambience can be achieved by focusing on simplicity.

Keeping things simple won’t just make your design choices easier it will also mean that your key pieces stand out all the more.

Of all the furniture choices you make, your sofa and seating is the most important.

A new sofa can be a major investment and choosing the right one can be difficult, so before you make the commitment consider a few of these tips. Because the right sofa can bring a room together, and the wrong can leave you feeling very uncomfortable.

First thing first consider the proportions of your room and make sure that the size of sofa is right for your space. Your seating choices shouldn’t overpower the room or indeed leave a space so empty you have to compensate to fill it.

Always, always try before you buy! Don’t even think about buying a sofa without sitting on it first. And make sure you go for dimensions and a style that suits you and your families needs – whether that be lounging, perching or napping.

Our team’s experience has shown us that most customers think about how the item looks, how comfortable it is and of course price.

And our range of sofas have been developed with this in mind. But we’ve also added a touch of elegance and flair with our Imperial range.

The award-winning Imperial suite is our 2017 bestseller and with its Chesterfield style and iconic design it isn’t hard to see why.

Our range doesn’t just feature the finely stitched, deep buttoned sofa, and you can complete your living room with our two-seater small sofa and you can further inject style to your interior scheme with our luxury Imperial ottoman.

Available in 4 fabrics, with handmade cushions, the Chesterfield style suite will make a dramatic statement in any home.

This twist on a classic will make sure your room flows and the range allows you the chance to arrange your seating to create groupings where people can interact.

Our smaller sofa and ottomans will also give you further seating choices that can add a further element of interest in your living room scheme.

Killymoon’s craftsmen have worked to develop a range of sofas and living room furniture that meets the needs of modern families.

Comfortable luxury and well as sumptuous fabrics and textiles combine with artisan craftsmanship to give you the right sofa for your lifestyle.

From the commanding Imperial range to the Tamara range which mixes traditional and contemporary design styles to create a stunning, yet comfortable, fit-for-purpose sofa style or our curvaceous Florence range inspired by the Florence Chair, we have sofas and chairs that will enhance and complement your living room décor.

Sitting back and relaxing after a hard day’s work couldn’t be easier with a Killymoon sofa.

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